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W.C. Maupin’s General Store Day Book, Nashville, Boone county, Missouri: 1850-1852

This day book, used by Waller C. Maupin at his general store at Nashville, Boone county, from 28 August 1850 to 20 December 1852, was donated to the Boone County Historical Society in 2007 by Mrs. Joseph (Hallie) Colvin, of Columbia, and Ray & Linda McKenzie, of Hallsville.

Each time a person purchased something from the store, Maupin entered the name and a list of items and their prices so he could have a record of sales and amounts owed him. William Switzler in his 1882 History of Boone County Missouri reported that the Maupins, natives of Virginia, moved to Missouri in 1837 and on to Boone county in 1845 and that W.C. Maupin kept a “store at Nashville, ten miles southwest of Columbia.” The day book also contains some names and records from later years that are not included in the listing which follows.

The names which follow show the customers of the Maupin store in Nashville during the period mentioned. Each name is shown only once even though the person may have had many different transactions at the store over the two year period. Others may have only shown up in the book once or twice. Names have been listed as they were spelled. Many were obviously spelled incorrectly – e.g. Crain for Crane, Vanerver for Vandiver, etc. Numerous entries were difficult to read and those have been highlighted with a ? mark following the hard-to-read word.

Enjoy this rare record of many of our early pioneers around the Nashville area. If your ancestor is listed here, imagine him or her stopping by to chat with Maupin and picking up much needed “store bought” supplies.

Acton, Aaron
Acton, Green
Acton, Saml
Acton, Wm.
Adams, Frank
Adkins, John
Adkins, Jos.
Adkins, Wm.
Armitage, Calop
Baker, John
Baker, John J?
Baker, John S.
Ballew, John S.
Barnes, T.
Barnett?, John R.
Basnett, John
Basnett, John R.
Beal, James
Beldsoe, John
Bell, James L.
Bennett, Cale
Bennett, Cornelius
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bennett, John R.
Bennett, Levi
Bennett, Page
Black, Elilzabeth
Black, John
Blackburn (Negro)
Blackburn, James
Blackburn, Job?/Joe?
Blackburn, Wm
Bledsoe, Abraham
Bledsoe, Isaac
Bledsoe, Job
Bledsoe, John
Bledsoe, Loving
Bledsoe, Valentine
Bledsoe, Wm.
Bondurand, Richard
Brinerger, David
Brinerger, John
Britt, Bolan
Britt, James
Britt, Mary Ann
Britt, Thos.
Bullard, Jessee
Burnett, Cornelious
Burnett, Elizabeth
Burnett, Ely?
Burnett, Levi
Burnett, Nely?
Burnett, Page
Calvert, J.
Calvert, John
Cardel, Ishmal
Claypole, Jacob
Claypole, Jos.
Claypole, Jos. C.
Collins, B.B.
Collins, Bartlet
Collvin, John
Colvin, Garland
Colvin, Goslin
Colvin, Lucinda
Colvin, Richard
Colvin, Sarah
Coutch, Sam
Crain, Allen
Crain, John
Crain, W.W.
Creson, Mrs.?
Crump, Anderson
Crump, Calop (also Cale)
Crump, Daniel
Crump, Fleming
Crump, Flemon
Crump, Grandville
Crump, Jos, Ju.
Crump, Jos., Se.
Crump, Patric
Crump, Patric, Ju.
Crump, Widow
Crump, Wm.
Crunk, Wright
Cunningham, David B.
Cunningham, James L.
Cunningham, Nancy
Cunningham, Wm.
Currey, O.P.
Curry, David
Curry, David M.
Curry, Robbert
Davis, John
Day, P.
Day, Patric
Dill, Henry
Dill, Mrs.
Dill, P.
Dill, Philomon
Dodd, Nathaniel
Doudge, James
Douglass, J.S.B.
Duncan, Jame[s?]
Duncan, S.
Duncan, Samuel
Dunn, Frances
Dunn, John
Dyer, Thos.
Easley, John
Easley, Mose
Echols, James
Echols, Rody
Eckley, Jas
Edwards, Andrew
Edwards, F.
Edwards, Frazier
Edwards, James
Edwards, John
Edwards, William
Edwards, Wm. B.
Edwards, Wm. E.
Edwards, Wm., Ju.
Faddis, Elizabeth
Faddis, S.
Faddis, S.O.
Forbush, Dennis
Fortner, Martin,
Fox, Chales
French, Jos.
Fulkerson, F.
Fulkerson, F.M.
Fulkerson, Fedric
Fulkerson, James
Fulkerson, Richard
Gooden, Peter
Grant, Daniel
Grant, Wm.
Green, Barnet
Green, J.
Green, John
Griffin Wm.
Griffin, James
Griffin, P.
Griffin, Patric
Griffin, Wm.
Griggs, Jessee
Griggs, Shelby
Grindstaff, Alex
Grindstaff, David
Grindstaff, George
Grindstaff, M.
Grindstaff, Michal
Grindstaff, Mick
Grindstaff, Ruth
Grindstaff, W?
Hagans, Nathan
Hagens, Wm.
Hagens, Wm. C.
Haley, Thos.
Haley, Wm.
Hamilton, D.
Hamilton, Dudly
Hamilton, Peter
Harmon, Benj.
Harmon, S.
Harris, John
Harris, John M.
Harris, Thornton
Hart, A.
Haton, J.
Haton, Wm.
Hayton, D. Sanders?
Hayton, Jessey
Hayton, Wm.
Henley, Saml
Henley, Wm.
Hickam, G.
Hickam, George H.
Hickam, John H.
Hickam, Jos.
Hickam, Lila
Hickam, Silas
Hill, John T.
Hormon, James
How?/Shaw?, John
Hubbard, D.
Hubbard, Daniel
Hubbard, Saml.
Humes, Thornton
Hunt, F.C.
Jackson, A?
Jackson, Franklin
Jefferson, Caty
Jefferson, James
Jeffery, Isaac
Jeffey?, J.T.
Jeffrey, James
Jeffrey?, John
Jeffreys, James
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, E.
Johnson, Elijah
Johnson, Ewin?
Johnson, Greenbury
Johnson, I?
Johnson, Isaac
Johnson, J.
Johnson, J.S.
Johnson, J?/I?
Johnson, John
Johnson, Nancy
Johnston, Elijah
Jones, George
Jones, George D.
Jones, Harrison B.
Jones, Harrison M.
Jones, J.M.
Jones, John F.
Jones, Kit
Jones, Robbert
Jones, Thos. M.
Kurkendall, James
Laughlin, Levi
Lindsey, L.L.
Lindsey, Pink
Lindsey, Wm. P.
MacClelland, Dr.
Maple, Wm?
Martin, A?
Martin, Amos
Martin, E.
Martin, James
Martin, John
Martin, Jos.
Martin, M.
Martin, Marida?
Martin, Nathan
Martin, Rob
Martin, Robert
Martin, William
Mase, Solomon
McClelland, Dr. Nell
McCurry, David
McDow, James
McDow, Jane
McDow, John
McDow, Lucinda
McDow, M.
McDow, Peter
McDow, Robert
McDow, Wm.
McHenry, Perry
Mead, John
Mead, Mrs.
Mead, Wm.
Melleway, Dolly
Melloway, Gunneta?/Juanita?
Melvin, Hugh
Melvin, Hugh A.
Melvin, John
Merphy, Hugh
Miller, John H.
Milliway, Dolly
Milliway, F.
Milliway, Jane
Milliway, Polly
Milliway, Susan
Milvin, John
Murfey, Hugh
Murphae?, Hugh
Murphy, Hugh
Nash, E.M.
Nash, Elmon M.
Nash, Jame?/Jane?
Nash, Jane
Nash, L.M.
Nevins, Saml.
Nichols, H.
Nichols, James
Nichols, Jessee
Nichols, Nathan
Nichols, Sam.
Nichols, Thos.
Nichols, Thos. H.
Norman, James
Northup, James
Norvel, Thos.
Norvil?, A.
Ott (see also Utt)
Ott, David
Ott, David, Sr.
Ott, Richard
Ott, Samuel
Pace, Lemuel
Pain, Martha Ann
Parker, John
Pase, L.
Pase, Levi
Pase, R.R.
Pase, Russel
Pauley, Wm.
Payton, Z?
Peak, Reubin
Perkins, David
Perkins, Isaac
Phelps, James
Phelps, S.
Phelps, Stephen
Pitt, John
Pitt, Meley? [prob. Pamela]
Pitts, H.
Pitts, Henry
Pitts, John
Pitts, Rob
Pitts, Robert
Pitts, Widow
Pitts?/Potts?, John
Polley, Wm
Procter, J.G.
Procter, John S.
Procter, M.C.
Procter, M.G.
Proctor, John S.
Proctor, Ma[caj]ah
Proctor, Michaga
Purkins, David
Purkins, David, Jr.
Purkins, Isaac
Purley?, Wm
Read, John
Read, John A
Read?, James
Red, John
Reed?/Rud?, John A.
Reid, John A.
Rickay, Jos.
Rickey, Wm.
Rickey?, Jos.
Rickey?, Jos? A.
Ried, John A.
Rippito, Henry
Rippito, Henry T.
Rippito, John
Risk, Wm.
Robberts, James
Roberson, Benj.
Roberson?, P.D.
Roberts, James
Robison, P.D.
Robnet & Co.
Robnet, Bill
Robnet, Wm.
Salmon, Green
Salmon, Parker
Salmon, Pinckney
Samuel, James
Sanders, D.
Sanders, Dr.
Sanders, Drury
Sanders, Eliza
Sanders, Wm. H.
Sapp, John
Sapp, Petter
Sapp, Tho.
Sappington, M.G.
Sappington, Mary
Sappington, N.
Sappington, Nicholas
Sappington, O.
Sappington, Overton
Sappington, Squire
Sappington, William
Scrogens, L.
Scrogins, L?C.
Self, James M.
Self, Jinkin?
Semon, Mrs.
Shackelworth, P.
Shaw?, John
Shaw?/How?, John
Sheckelworth, P.
Sheets?, W.W.
Shettlesworth, P.
Shettleworth, Mrs.
Shettleworth, P.
Shulnot, G.
Shulnot, John G.
Simms, Wm.
Sinclear, Thos.
Sitton, Dr.
Slavins, Mrs.
Smallwood, James
Smith, Aaron
Smith, Ann
Smith, Catharine
Smith, G.
Smith, Gabe
Smith, J.A.
Smith, James
Smith, Jas?/Jos? A.
Smith, Jos.
Smith, Jos. A.
Smith, Metilda
Smith, Sam
Smith, Sidney
Smith, Stanton
Smoot, Wm.
Spoone, A.
Spooner, Ann
Spooner, H.
Spooner, Harris
Spooner, Jon?
Steel, Robbert
Stephens, M?
Stephenson, Nancy
Story, Levi
Strode, Jacob S.
Sublet, Benj.
Sublet, Bery?/Benj?
Sutton, Elizabeth
Sutton, Wm.
Taylor, Jos
Taylor, Mrs.
Taylor, Salley
Taylor, Sarah
Teater, Mary
Teater, Nancy
Thomilson?, Wm?
Tisdale, John
Tomlinson, Wm.
Tuck, Cary
Tuck, Jas, [Jur?]
Tuck, Jas.
Tuck, Jasper
Tuck, Jos.
Tuck, Richard

Tucker, Elizabeth
Tucker, W.W.
Turner, Dr.
Turner, J.G.
Turner, James
Turner, Mr.
Turner, Richard
Turner, Richard W.
Turner?, T.?
Tuttle, G.S.
Utt, David
Utt, David, Se.
Utt, Richard
Vanausdale, Wm.
Vandever, Vincin
Vandever, Wm.
Vandiver, A.L.
Vandiver, James
Vandiver, V.
Vandiver, Vince
Vandiver, Wm.
Vanerver, A..L.
Vanerver, A.R.
Vest, A.R.
Wainright, J.
Wainright, John
Walkup, J.P.
Walkup, James
Walkup, James P.
Watkins, T.H.
Weir, John
Weir, John, Jr.
Weir, John, Sr?
Wells, Wm.
White, Allen
Wiggin, B.W.
Wiggins, B.
Wiggins, S.
Williams, Wm.
Wilson, Henry F.
Winfrey, I.
Winfrey, Isrial
Winfrey, J.
Winfrey, Jesse
Winfrey, Josie
Wiseman, James
Wolkup, James
Wolkup, James P?
Woodson, George
Workup?/Walkup?, James
Wren, B.
Wren, Charles
Wren, David
Wren, Wm.
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Hale T.
Wright, James
Wright, James M.

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