Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Johnson & Susan Crump Family Photo in Easel

Boone County Historical Society collection. Donor is unknown.

Family pride is obvious from this ca 1894 photo mounted in a beautiful, hand-carved picture easel. The names penciled in on the back of the photo are:
Johnson Crump
Susan Crump
Artie Crump
Eva Crump
Stella Crump

A notation on the back of the picture says “Hand-whittled picture frame made by a member of the Crump family, ca. 1900.” Additional research shows that the small girl in the photograph, Stella, was born in December 1892. She appears to be two or three years old in the photo making 1894 is a reasonable estimate for the date of the photo.

The photograph was taken by Love & Pauley photographers, Ashland, Missouri. Mr. Love was William Love, who later moved his business to Hartsburg. Mr. Pauley was James F. Pauley.

Can anyone identify the Crump family member who carved the frame? It is interesting to note the similarities in motifs to the picture easel carved by “Blind Jim” Sapp. Could it be that this easel was an earlier, less-refined piece produced by James Robert Sapp?

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J. Griffin Crump said...

Sapps and Crumps were intermarried, so a Sapp could have been referred to as a family member.

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