Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homes of the Wealthy in 1895

From the Boone County Historical Society collection.  Photographs excerpted from the Columbia Missouri Herald, Historical Edition, E.W. Stephens, Proprietor. Walter Williams, Editor.  Columbia, Mo. 1895.  Donated by Warren Dalton.  

An earlier post on the Online Archives included biographical sketches of many prominent Boone Countians.  Click here to go to the earlier post.  The current post is from the same publication and includes the many photographs of residences of these prominent men as of the publication date of 1895.  It is fascinating to see these wonderful homes, mostly Victorian in style, and a little unnerving to realize that of all of them only two remain today -- the home of Slater Ensor and Margaret Bradford Lenoir; and the home of Dr. A.W. McAlester. Maplewood, the home of the Lenoirs,was preserved by the foresight and hard work of the Christian Benevolent Association, the City of Columbia and the Boone County Historical Society. Click here to go to our main web site for a history of Maplewood. The A.W. McAlester house is still a beautiful private residence.

Residence of J.N. Belcher

Residence of W.A. Bright.

Residence of G.C. Broadhead

Residence of J.R. Campbell.

Residence of J. Th. Fyfer.

Residence of Scott D. Gordon.

View on Farm of Scott D. Gordon.

Residence of W.W. Henderson

Residence of S.E. Lenoir.
This house, called Maplewood, has been preserved and is located in Nifong Park, Columbia.
Click here to go to our main web site for a history of this beautiful, historic house.

Residence of Judge Alexander Martin.

Residence of Dr. A.W. McAlester.

Residence of Col. E.C. More.

Lake and Residence of Col. E.C. More.
Looking northeast from the approximate
location of the current Columbia Power Plant.
More's Lake was located approximately where the
power plant is located today.

Residence of Dr. O. Paquin.

Residence of W.L. Parker.

Residence of R.B. Price.

Residence of Capt. James M. Rollins.

Residence of W.M. Scott.

Residence of C.B. Sebastian.

Residence of A.H. Shepherd.

Eagle Park Dairy Barn of A.H. Shepherd.

Residence of J.L. Stephens, Sr.

Residence of W.H. Truitt, Jr.

Residence of Mrs. William M. Willis.

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I believe the residence of Dr. A.W. McAlester is still standing on the west side of the Columbia Country Club golf course.

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