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Justices of the Peace: A List of Justices and Their Courts

From The Bench and Bar of Boone County Missouri by North Todd Gentry, Columbia, Missouri, 1916, pp. 69-75. Available in the Wilson-Wulff History and Genealogy Library at the Walters-Boone County Historical Museum.


As far as our records show, the first civil case ever tried before a justice of the peace in this county was the case of Henry Elliott & Son against Robert Hinkson, which was a suit on a judgement rendered by a justice of the peace of Ste. Genevieve county.  This suit was filed on January 22, 1821, and John Slack (the grandfather of Miss Pearle Mitchell) was the justice.  Mr. Slack then lived on a farm about three miles southwest of the present postoffice of Hinton, and on a stream known as “Slack’s Branch.”  The summons commanded the constable to notify the defendant to appear before the justice at the dwelling house of said justice in Smithton township.  The words “Roche Perche township” were first written in this summons, and then aline was drawn through them, and the words”Smithton township” added.  In this summons, the words “Territory of Missouri” were first written, and then the work “Territory” erased and the word “State” was interlined.  The justice also forgot that Boone county was no longer part of Howard, for he wrote “County of Howard”, and then scratched Howard and wrote Boone.  Robert Hinkson was the man for whom Hinkson Creek was named.  He lived on a farm east of Columbia, near that stream.  At the trial of this case before the magistrate, Hinkson lost; but he was successful on appeal to the circuit court.

In November, 1820, Governor McNair commissioned the first justices of the peace of Boone county; they were John Slack and John Henderson, of Smithton township; Tyre G. Harris and John Gray of Monitor township; Tyre Martin, of Cedar township; and John Anderson, of Roche Perche township.  In a821, Governor McNair commissioned Richard Cave and Harrison Jamison, of Columbia township; James Cunningham, of Cedar township; and Silas Riggs, of Rock Fork township.  The commission of each justice recites that he had been appointed by the general assembly of the state.  In 1822, Governor McNair commissioned Jas. R. Abanathy and William Shields justices for Rock Fork and Cedar townships respectively; and their commissions recite that they had been appointed by the county court.  In 1821, there were only five townships in Boone county, Smithton, Monitor, Rocky Fork, Cedar and Roche Perche.  Smithton township consisted of the present [as of 1916] township of Columbia and two miles off of the east part of the present township of Missouri, and four sections of land in the southeast corner of the present township of Perche.  Monitor township consisted of what is now Missouri township, except two miles off of the east part thereof.  Roche Perche township consisted of the present township of Perche, less the four sections in the southeast corner thereof.  Rocky Fork township consisted of the present townships of Rocky Fork, Centralia and Bourbon.  Later, in the year 1821, the name of Smithton township was change to Columbia, and the name of Monitor township was changed to Missouri; and the lines between Columbia, Missouri and Perche townships were established as they are now [1916].  In June, 1854, Bourbon township was organized by an order of the county court, and it included what I now Bourbon and Centralia townships, and a small part of Perche township.  In July, 1874, Centralia township was organized by an order of the county court.  Hence some of the justices of Rocky Fork township, and two fo the justices of Bourbon township were afterwards justices of Centralia township.

By referring to the list of justices, it will be seen that Boone county has been singularly fortunate in the selection of them.  One justice became county clerk, three circuit clerk, three prosecuting attorney, one circuit attorney, two county surveyor, and three state senators.  Dr. T.S. Sneed was a physician, while Dr. A.J. Harris and Dr. Paul Hubbard were dentists.  Walter C. Maupin, R.H. Bullard, M.P. Baldwin, Jackson T. Burnham and Wm. H. Jeffries were ministers.  Eight justices were merchants, three real estate agents and thirty-nine were lawyers.  Frank D. Evans was a banker, John T. McCauley a miller, Fenton P. Griffin an editor, and C.V. Bicknell a carpenter.  The others were farmers.

In 1845, the justices of Columbia township had the first and fourth Mondays in every other month for law days; the justices of Cedar township had the fourth Saturdays in every other month for law days; the justices of Rocky Fork township had the third Fridays in every other month for law days; the justices of Missouri township had the third Thursdays in every other month for law days; and the justices of Perche township had the second Saturdays in every other month for law days.  These dates were duly advertised in the “Missouri Statesman”.

                     BOURBON TOWNSHIP
W.L. Wayne
Geo. W. Gulick
Archibald B. Sweeney
S.W. Early
Reed Jones
Joseph E. Proctor
R.F. Cook
John T. McCauley
H. S. Chalman
S.W. Shryock
Robert Schooling
J.B. Allison
Giles Adams
J.W. Patterson
Overton G. Harris
David S. Mahan
N.B. Burks
W.D. Oliver
W.R. Schooler
Jno. A Douglass
Randolph S. Simms
S.F. Cross
John D. Hawkins
A.S. McAllister
W.T. Jarman
G.F. Brundege
Joseph W. Collins
Saml. N. Yeates
E.G.F. Ross
S.N. Woods
Wm. B. Yeates
Dr. A.J. Harris
James M. West
Emmett C. Anderson
Samuel C. Clinton
Joel A. Douglass
A.A. Simms
J.C. White
T.S. Sweeney
J.W. Hulett
Andrew F. Gentry
Mansil Sims
W.S. St. Clair

                   CEDAR TOWNSHIP
Tyre Martin
John Ripetoe
James Cunningham
Henty T. Britt
Willim Shields
Wm. P. Boqua
James Callaway
James Pilcher
James Harris
R.H. Bullard
William Huggait
R.V. Burnett
G. W. Tuttle
Frank M. Smith
Geo. H. Johnson
Wm. W. Wilson
Mosias Jones
L.L. Lindsey
Overton Harris
R.A. Roddy
R.M. May
Chas. B. Adkins
Jacob Kuykendall
Jas. E. Ballenger
John Ellis
Jas. G. Roddy
Samuel Winfrey
E.R. Westbrook
Geo. T. Watson
Tyre M. Jones
Franklin Jackson
Wirt J. Warren
Francis Connelly
W.J. Patterson
Walter C. Maupin
B.R. Carrender
Jesse Griffin
Luther T. Pulliam
R.A. Bondurant
Asa C. Bledsoe
Robert J. Martin
D.N. Epperson
Jas. H. Fulkerson
Wm. R. Old
Jno. G. Shelnut
Jas. H. English
William Little
Jas. S. Pauley
Isaac T. Jeffrey
Jno. A. Dykeman
L.L. Nichols
Ben F. Orear
Fenton P. Grifffin
Thos. C. Parker
Jno. A. Thomas
Andrew G. Payne
H.A. Niemeyer

                   CENTRALIA TOWNSHIP
Wm. L. Connevey
Philip S. Hocker
James M. West
Thomas S. Sneed
S.W. Early
Dr. A.F. Sneed
Jas. M. Angell
Thomas B. Sparlock
Henry S. Booth
Joe H. Cupp
D.N. Newman
Chas W. Lyon
Josiah Hall
Chas C. Jennings
Jno. K. Boyd
Hume Smith
Joseph H. Crews
Jas. T. Stockton

                   COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP
Richard Cave
James R. Shields
Harrison Jamison
F.F.C. Triplett
Thomas D. Grant
William H. Jacobs
John Williams
Frank D. Evans
Richard Gentry
Jno. M. Samuel
Priestly H. McBride
William J. Babb
Jesse T. Wood
Wm. S. Pratt
James Barnes
Wm. H. Allen
Warren Woodson
Wm. A. Goodding
James Kirtley
C.B. Sebastian
Peter Wright
J.G. Babb
Alexander Persinger
J.E. Crumbaugh
B.F. Robinson
Walter E. Boulton
Levi McGuire
Webster Gordon
James M. Gordon
Ben F. McGuire
Archabald W. Turner
Wm. H. Truitt, Jr.
Henry H. Ready
Walter E. Nicklin
Thomas Porter
Jas. C. Gillespy
Madison D. Stone
H.E. Brown
Francis T. Russell
Warren Frazier
David Gordon
C.V. Bicknell
William A. Carter
Ev. M. Bass
Lewis H. Pemberton
Jasper A. Phillips
Alex Douglass
J. Sam Banks
Jas H. Northcutt
W.P. Berry
Dr. Paul Hubbard
Jno. S. Bicknell
John Lackland
Jas. E. Boggs
Wm. L. Connevey
Jas. T. Stockton
Jas. A. Henderson
James Hale
Thos. B. Gentry
Wm. S. Banta
Richard J. Smith
J.C. Ballew
Samuel Batterton
D.W.B. Kurtz, Jr.
James T. Harris
Henry G. Sebastian
James Bergwin

                  MISSOURI TOWNSHIP
John Gray
Lewis W. Robinson
I.C. Hensley
J.H. Ravenscraft
John T. Foster
Saml. L. Tuttle
William Lientz
Levi Burroughs
Joseph W. Hickam
Henry C. Mooth
Dabney Patton
Thomas Chapman
James W. Daly
Nimrod Watson
John Henderson
Geo. W. Maupin
Jesse B. Dale
Wesley Scobee
Wm. H. Phillips
Engene Baldwin
Reuben M. Hatton
Tyre H. Boggs
Geore C. Cole
Benton White
F.A. Field
Engene Scott
Jasper Turner
John A. Daily
Washington Knox
A.J. Woods
William Raymond
Danl. E. Hulett
Jesse Turner
M.P. Baldwin
James T. Harris
F.B. Hatton
Ira E. Purden
Jas. M. McKee
Geo. H. Sexton
O.F. Hatton
Alex Douglass
Geo. H. Cox
James Arnold
Marion Yeager
John Bowman
Jno. F. Chillis
Robert G. Lyell
E.E. Williamson
Saml. D. Cocnran
M.T. Slater
William Slade

                  MONITOR TOWNSHIP
Tyre G. Harris
John Gray

                   PERCHE TOWNSHIP
John Anderson
William Berry
Tyre G. Harris
Geo. H. Sexton
John Slack
John Barclay
John Anderson
Westley Burks
William Boone
Thos. C. Colly
John Corlew
David B. Rowland
Robert Schooling
M.L.A. Via
Lawrence Roberts
Chas. E. Sexton
W.M. Shaw
Wm. Milhollen
Overton G. Harris
W.H.H. Fenton
Chas. C. Rowland
Richard F. Matheny
Thomas Matheny
W.C. Dickerson
J.W. Horseman
John C. Marcum
John Skinner
J.F. Beasley
Maston G. Corlew
Geo. W. Denham
Thomas J. Barrett
G.W. Allton
Harlim M. Petty
Jackson T. Burnham
John B. Little
J.T. Taylor
James F. Jarman
Stephen A. March
Alex Douglass
Jas. A. Oliver
Andre F. Gentry
Jno. H. Stover
H.B. Matthews
Ed. Long

                ROCKY FORK TOWNSHIP
Silas Riggs
James G. Kelly
Jas. R. Abanathy
Lewis G. Berry
Jas. E. Fenton
Carry A. Ward
Samuel Riggs
Jas. M. Hicks
Squire I. Redman
Philip J. Quissenberry
Hardaman Stone
Peter F. Carter
Young E. Hicks
David N. Hall
Esem Harmon
Jno. t. McCauley
Moses Baker
S.C. Quissenberry
Jacob McBride
Josiah Hall
Wm. T. Berry
Samuel Rutledge
Wm. B. Woodruff
Hugh M. Hall
W.S. Wagner
Wm. H. Jeffries
John B. Logan
W.F. Robinson
thomas A. Simms
Jasper N. Roberts
Wm. W. Tucker
Riley D. Winn
John W. Hall
J.B. Clark
Archibald B. Sweeney
Wm. Morgenthaler
James Lampton
S.H. McMinn
Burdit A. Blanton
Ed. L. Daugherty
Giles Adams
Jas. H. Carpenter

                  SMITHTON TOWNSHIP
John Slack
John Henderson


The statement in the first paragraph above that Robert Hinkson "lived on a farm east of Columbia, near that stream [with his name]" is incorrect. The Robert Hinkson place was on the stream that bears his name but located five miles northeast of Columbia at the intersection of Hinkson Creek and the original Boone's Lick road, at the present day intersection of O'Rear Road with Hinkson Creek.

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