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Letter: Peter Wright to Ann Eliza Wright - 1841

Contributed by Katie McCutcheon of Florissant, Missouri, and John C. Green of Chesterfield, Missouri.

St Louis Mo March 16th 1841

Dr Daughter
I am truly thankful to you for your kind letter dated the 7th Inst. and am truly sorry to hear of the indisposition of Myria and Harriett also Lonny. I wrote a family letter some 8 or 10 days ago giving you all a discription of St Louis, as near as I could. The examination of my field notes commenced yesterday at Eleven Oclock. I feel in hopes I shall be able to return in 10 or 12 days probably sooner. O Ann you cannot tell with what feelings of joy I met Kelly. I recieved your letter yesterday in the eavening[.?] Kelly was present. When we left the levy to go to the postoffice, the steamboat Colo Woods was raising steam for the Missouri River. as quick as we read your letter, Kelly determined to start immediately on the Colo Woods, but before he reached the levy the boat was gone. Kelly can tell you all more than I can write. tell your mother I rely on her as overseer, and [Joseph?} her aid. tell Lonny
howdy, and remember me affectionately to all of the family.
I remain affectionately your father untill death.
Miss Ann E.Wright                      Peter Wright

Peter Wright (1787-1847) was visiting St. Louis and its busy waterfront (the levee area) when he wrote this letter to his fourteen-year-old daughter, Ann Eliza Wright. The reference to the examination of his field notes makes it clear he was there on business as he was a surveyor.  Myria [Myra] and Harriett were other daughters of Peter.  Lonny may be Leonidas Wright (1838-1920), son of Myra and grandson of Peter Wright.  Kelly was James “Kelly” Wright, a second cousin. Ann Eliza Wright later married George Washington Gordon, son of David Gordon.  The steamboat referred to was the Colonel Woods, a side wheeler built in about 1839.

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